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Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme
Phase ll SupCardiac Rehabilitation Programme
Phase ll Support and Advice Service

The Phase ll Support and Advice Service has been developed to help and support you and your family through your cardiac treatment.

You may be waiting for further tests, or you may have just left hospital following treatment. If so you may be worried or have some questions about what happens next.

The team is on hand to help you with any concerns, provide you with support and help you regain your confidence. They can also advise you about what exercises you should be doing, and about lifestyle changes such as stopping smoking and healthy eating.

If you any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Cardiac Rehabilitation Team on

0845 155 3111 ext 4076
During your cardiac rehabilitation they will help you identify the risk factors that apply to you, and help address them.
Cardiac rehabilitation aims to help and support you through any changes that need to be made to your lifestyle. It is tailored to you as an individual, to: help you to understand your illness and treatment provide psychological and emotional support improve your success in making beneficial lifestyle changes help you make the transition back to a full and as normal a life as possible.

Modifiable Risk Factors
Some factors that contribute to Coronary Heart Disease are modifiable. If these areas are addressed, they can dramatically reduce the progression of the disease or your symptoms.
These include:
High cholesterol
High blood pressure
Obesity / diet
Lack of exercise

Non-Modifiable Risk Factors
Some factors are out of your control. These include:
Family history
Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme
Coronary Heart Disease - Risk Factors

Many features of a person's lifestyle can contribute to Coronary Heart Disease.
These are known as risk factors. They can be placed in two categories, modifiable and non-modifiable
What are the Benefits
● Improved level of fitness
● Increased self confidence
● Increased feelings of well-being
● Decreased levels of anxiety and depression
● Quicker recovery
● Increased knowledge about maintaining a healthier lifestyle
● Enjoyable and social activities
Who can I expect to see at rehab
● Cardiac Rehab Co-ordinator
● Dietician
● Pharmacist
● Counsellor
● Physiotherapist
What can I expect from each session
● Each session may last a maximum of two and a half hours and will include
● Introduction and welcome
● Recording of you blood pressure and general health
● Warm up exercises
● 20 minutes of supervised exercise adjusted to your capabilities
● Cool down exercises
● Relaxation session
● Refreshments
● Discussion on health education topics
We positively encourage you to bring your partner or other family members with you if possible.
Partners often feel reassured about your physical capabilities once they have watched you exercising
What health education topics are covered
● There are discussions about:
● Anatomy of the heart
● Angina / chest pain
● Stress management
● Diet and healthy eating
● Relationships and feelings after surgery or heart attack
● Medications
● Benefits of exercise and the returning to a normal lifestyle
What should I wear ?
● Please wear anything that is light, non restrictive and comfortable for you to exercise in.
● Appropriate footwear is essential
Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme at the CTC
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