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Basildon & District Heart Support Group
A self-help group that helps patients and carers face the future
Affiliated to the British Heart Foundation
Small Changes
    Janet Burgess Physiotherapist  
     Essex Cardiothoracic Centre
Why "Move for Health"
There are widening health inequalities
There are major public health issues, related to lifestyle, such as inactivity
To maximise the festival effect and legacy of the 2012/14 Olympic/Paralympic & Commonwealth games.
Need for a cohesive strategy to deliver Move for Health message
Collaborative working between specialities
A global perspective
Physical inactivity is one of the major risks contributing to non-communicable disease, global illness and death.
Worldwide1.9 million deaths (WHO, 2000), the equivalent of 19 million years lost to disability, 15-20% Ischemic Heart Disease, diabetes & some cancers due to inactivity.
Physical inactivity influences the global burden of disease either directly or indirectly by impacting upon other risk factors
(World Health Organisation, 2002)

To promote physical activity Everyday, everywhere!
In all life-settings for example school, workplace, community, home, transport
Physical activity for its numerous direct health effects - prevention of disease, promotion of physical, mental & social health
To help achieve other health & social objectives such as healthy lifestyles (tobacco free, healthy diet).
Working together - national & local actions                                                                     (WHO, 2003)
Core message
At least 30 minutesday any way!
(additional health benefits can be gained by targeted activity eg 60 minutes of moderate activity for weight loss. Children & young people 60 minutes per day             (BHF, 2009)

Click on these websites for more details of move for health    0207 306 6666 Change 4 Life 0300 123 4567

Move for Health of cumulative moderate physical activity everyday

30 minutes a
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