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Next Meeting 4th August 2021
Other News

Although the committee haven’t met in person, they have been having regular Zoom meetings. We have continued to receive kind and generous donations, even in these difficult times.

One of the challenges that has been much discussed, is how Rehab will function going forward and more specifically, how we might use some of our funds to support the necessary changes.

There have been three specific initiatives that we have been able to help fund. The first of these was to provide funding for equipment such as dumbbells, step up boxes and resistance bands. This allowed individual exercise spaces to comply with Covid19 safety and facilitating a small number of
patients to attend the gym face to face. Funding was also provided for therapy for more vulnerable patients during rehabilitation where it would assist with a positive outcome.

The second was to provide funding for specialist computer software called PhysioTools which allows Rehab to make
individualised exercise programmes for patients which are not only printable but can be emailed with videos and also prompts via an App. PhysioTools has been around for a while, but technology has moved on and the new programme is much more accessible for both staff and the patients. It is especially helpful in the COVID era as it is used to support people’s recovery in the new remote telephone consultation clinics, video clinics as well as when staff see people face to face. It is also
able to be used by the inpatient cardiothoracic team.

The most recent initiative is to provide funding for 3 new specialist exercise bikes for the Rehab gym. These will enable detailed personal performance figures to be gathered thus enabling a much more tailored exercise regime for individual patients.

More about these in the next newsletter.
Recent e-mails from Rehab staff indicate how useful these new tools are and how much appreciated
all our efforts are in helping to provide funding.

Online Skills
One of the areas that the pandemic has highlighted is the need to provide more support and training for online activities, whether that be work related, leisure related or as mentioned above, being able to access health care.

There are a quite a few initiatives out there now that are free to access.

Below are a couple of links that you may find useful as starting points. The first is the Learn My Way initiative

The second is run by Lloyds bank limited and whilst primarily aimed at business use, might provide
some helpful information.

We have moved our meeting Venue to -:
Steeple View Memorial Hall, Willowfields, Laindon                           Basildon, Essex, SS15 4EQ                                  
We have changed our meeting day to -:
The first Wednesday of the month
Whilst the COVID guidelines, and their legal enforcement, are due to be removed with effect from Monday 19th July, as a responsible group of people meeting in a public venue, we must make our own  guidelines. 

It  is, therefore,strongly  advised  that  you  only  attend  if  you’ve  had  both vaccinations. We ask no proof of this, but it’s in everyone’s interest to follow this guidance.

Also, when entering, leaving or moving about the hall, it will be necessary to wear a mask or face covering unless of course you have an exemption). When seated, the room will be laid out in an appropriately safe manner.

The venue has an NHS track and trace bar code. You should scan this if you use the NHS track and trace App. If you don’t use the App, we will ask you to provide contact details.

These will be held for 28 days and then destroyed. 
British Heart Foundation  - Heart Matters

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