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Next Meeting Monday 17th November 2014

November 17th – Steve Hartman We are pleased to welcome Steve back for an update on what he has been doing since he spoke to us two years ago. Some will remember Steve as the porter from Basildon Hospital who is profoundly deaf and has become an ambassador for deaf workers to raise awareness. As well as the update, Steve will be trying to teach us some more sign language and, we are led to believe, will be attempting to show us how to sign the Christmas carol, appropriately titled, Silent Night. Steve was a very entertaining presenter last time he came to see us and we look forward to the next instalment.

Statins are prescribed to people with cardiovascular disease and to those at high risk. June Davison puts some of your questions to Professor Richard Hobbs, head of Primary Care (Health Sciences) at the University of Oxford and a part-time GP.

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Sunday 20th July 2014. BHF Bike Ride


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Buddy System

We are very keen to establish a “buddy” network as part of the group’s continuing desire to provide practical support to patients and families who have experienced a cardiac event. We are seeking volunteers from within the group to offer their time to speak to patients who are recently discharged from hospital or about to go in to have a procedure or a carer who has a full list of worries and concerns for the wellbeing of their partner.  This opportunity to speak with someone who has gone through what you are about to can prove to be invaluable. We believe that everybody will benefit from speaking to somebody who has “been there, done that and bought the T Shirt” (you can actually buy the T Shirt from us!). This will not be a case of having people ringing you at all times of the day. The patients will be closely matched so that their condition matches your own and they will be told a time to call that is convenient for you. Please cast your mind back to your own event and consider how useful it would have been to have the opportunity to speak with someone.

Important Notice – We are on the move. With effect from the meeting in June, we will be in the dining room on the third Monday of the month. This is a bigger room and will be more comfortable for our meetings.

The new dates are:  July 21st  September 15th  October 20th  November 17th.

The speakers programme remains unchanged and we hope that this change will not inconvenience you and that we continue to see you at group meetings.

Promenade on the Pier 2014 Lita Freegard and her Phase IV groups held their sponsored walk along Southend Pier on Sunday 28th September. Ray, Andrew and John rode from Wickford to Southend to support the Lita and her walkers. It was a beautiful day for a ride and a walk and well done to all who supported the event. The funds raised will be split between our friends at Take Heart and our own group.

Lucus System purchased and presented

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This newsletter will also be posted out to you and have enclosed a book of raffle tickets. If you sell or buy them please send back the stubs in the enclosed addressed envelope by 30 November together with your payment.

Cheques payable to Hearts and Minds please.

We have ten or more prizes with the 1st receiving £75.00 cash and the proceeds from the raffle going towards our project for 2015 to help past and future heart patients from Basildon CTC

Grand Christmas Draw