A voluntary self-funding group of heart patients and their careers that help patients and careers face the future

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Just to let you know what we are all about and what we do to help Cardiac Patients and their Careers

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Registered charity in England No 1144451

Affiliated to the British Heart Foundation

Meetings held at the Laindon Center Click for map

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Next Meeting Friday 4th December 2015

Buddy System

We are very keen to establish a “buddy” network as part of the group’s continuing desire to provide practical support to patients and families who have experienced a cardiac event. We are seeking volunteers from within the group to offer their time to speak to patients who are recently discharged from hospital or about to go in to have a procedure or a carer who has a full list of worries and concerns for the wellbeing of their partner.  This opportunity to speak with someone who has gone through what you are about to can prove to be invaluable. We believe that everybody will benefit from speaking to somebody who has “been there, done that and bought the T Shirt” (you can actually buy the T Shirt from us!). This will not be a case of having people ringing you at all times of the day. The patients will be closely matched so that their condition matches your own and they will be told a time to call that is convenient for you. Please cast your mind back to your own event and consider how useful it would have been to have the opportunity to speak with someone.

Friday December 4th – This is our Annual General Meeting during which the committee will be presenting our achievements and accounts, and for the re election of the committee followed by a included light buffet

The Christmas Draw will also take place and raffle tickets will still be available on the night

Are you doing enough ? Click link below from the BHF

Lack of exercise may lead to twice as many deaths as obesity, study claims

Welcome to five new members

In the spirit of travel, exploration and adventure, please welcome

Ranulph, Philleas, Walter, Scott and Marco to the group.

As part of our aim to inspire people we want to get the message across that there are opportunities to live a fulfilled life after a cardiac event. An element of life that is important to many people is the ability to take a holiday. We already know that many of our members regularly manage to get away to various locations within the UK, Europe and further abroad. We need to let current patients know that, in most cases, travel is still an option. To enforce this we have purchased five travel teddies for members to take away on their travels. There are three criteria for taking one off the teddies away with you:

1. The teddy must come back in good condition,

2. You need to supply a picture to be put up in Rehab,

3.  Copy to david.march.sky.com for the website,

Charity Evening – We eventually closed with 150 attending, 15 great raffle prizes and 12 top quality auction items.

Our meal at Holiday Inn was excellent and then we moved on to the auction. The lots went very well with the highest amount being £400 for a boxing glove signed by Anthony Joshua. After 11 of the 12 auction items we had the first half of Patrick Byrnes Elvis Tribute Act. This was a short set as we still had the raffle to draw. Following the act, we auctioned our last item which was a show by Patrick. Again, good money was raised for this.

Our raffle was drawn after and we had 15 very happy winners. Patrick then returned to perform the rest of his show. During the first half of his show a new fundraising method materialised. £5 notes were being waved at Pat to come over to sing and he obliged, especially when the money was “tucked” in to his trousers! The performance lasted through until 11.30 when we started to wrap up the evening. The responses we have received after the night have been excellent.

We managed to raise over £2,100 toward our target and are now very near to be able to negotiate the purchase of the equipment.

From all those involved with the organisation of the event, those attending and the generous donators of items to raffle and auction, we extend a massive thank you – it couldn’t be done without all the support from everybody.

Updated heart conditions treatment booklets

BHF have updated four of their popular booklets in the Heart Information Series about different heart conditions and treatments, including

blood pressure - peripheral arterial disease

 atrial fibrillation - heart transplant  

Click on the above links to download these booklets

Each booklet includes patient case studies and they offer a valuable source of information and support to patients and their families.

2015 Project

Hearts & Minds Quilt – At the last group meeting we held the draw for the quilt. Having already raised £915 we were very happy to sell an additional £86 worth of tickets which just got us over the £1,000 target. Thank you to everybody involved in making the quilt and selling the tickets. Well done to Anne McCafferty for having the winning ticket.

Dear Hearts and Minds,

Once again I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your members on behalf of the Primary Investigations Department for the fantastic donation of the Spacelabs Analysis equipment that you very kindly presented to us just few months ago.

At the beginning of this last financial year we had to replace our Ambulatory Monitoring system via capital replacement money.

Unfortunately we only received standard equipment and consumables with the new system and with an increased demand on the Blood Pressure service due to the new N.I.C.E. guidelines for hypertension we were finding it challenging to meet the needs of the more than standard size cuff patient when attaching these ambulatory devices to the patient and appropriately adjusting for patient comfort and therefore the patient’s journey. The equipment you provided us for this has helped enormously.

We have also been able to increase the service for long term ambulatory ECG recording service for post stroke patients via the ECG recording equipment you donated to us.

In the future we are hoping to uniform this equipment across both the Basildon sites so that both the patients of the secondary and tertiary care hospitals can benefit from the same standard of equipment, continuity of care, and the efficiency of the physiologists being able to analyse the same equipment regardless of which site they are rostered too.

This continuity of care will enable us to enhance and be a more effective service to the population that these excellent hospitals serve.

We are very grateful to fund raising groups such as yourselves for the fantastic work that you all do in aiding this to become achievable.  

Once again thank you so much

Antonia Latham

Senior Chief Cardiac Physiologist

Head of Primary Investigations and Lead Training Co-ordinator

  Thanks to all at Hearts & Minds

Christmas Draw – We are enclosing a book of raffle draw tickets with this newsletter for you to buy or sell to family and friends. There is a cash first prize of £100.00 and plenty of other runner-up prizes. This is a prime fundraising event for our group and should enable us to complete the SSEP project. We will make the draw at the Christmas celebration on Friday 4th December. If you need extra tickets please let us know and we can get some to you. Please return all sold ticket stubs in the envelope provided together with your payment before Friday 4th. Everybody is welcome to come along and enjoy some informal chat with fellow group members and partake in the complimentary light snacks. Please let us know if you are coming along so that we can arrange the appropriate level of catering. The committee particularly enjoy this evening as it gives a good opportunity to talk to members at length.